Baby Lis Maternity Hotel for a Luxurious Beginning

Adjacent to the maternity ward at Lis Hospital, Tel Aviv Medical Center (“Ichilov”).

About the Hotel
Baby Lis Hotel is designed to provide you and your baby the best atmosphere for a quick and easy recovery so essential after birth. A highly experienced staff is waiting for you at the hotel, accompanying you from the minute you arrive the hotel and caring for the comfort and privacy of your baby, your spouse and yourself.

At Baby Lis, you will enjoy being pampered by deluxe, top quality hospitality. You are invited to choose a spacious private room, a mini-suite or a luxurious suite. At the same time, you will continue to enjoy the warm, embracing care of the doctors and nurses of the Lis Hospital staff at the hotel.

A luxurious private room is fit to host a couple and is all yours a few hours after the birth. You can choose whether your baby will stay in your room or will be placed under the nurses’ constant supervision in the nursery, located in the hotel just a minute’s walk from your private room. Your room includes a shower and bidet, kitchenette, water bar, refrigerator, television, baby care dresser, arm chair for nursing, daily newspaper and free Wi-Fi.

The hotel boasts a stylish, classy lobby where you can host your relatives. In addition, a kosher cafeteria is open throughout the day.
Breakfast, lunch and supper are served daily in the dining room.

The Medical Staff and Medical Procedures

At Baby Lis, we assure close medical supervision for both mother and baby. At the hotel, the nursery is attended 24 hours a day by the Lis Hospital staff. Every day, doctors’ visits are conducted.
A doctor from the hospital’s neonatal department arrives for a daily checkup and provides personal advice to parents.
A gynecologist from the maternity ward examines the mothers in the hotel`s doctor’s room.

Professional instructions are provided for “newborn” mothers by a staff of nurses and accredited advisors from the Lis Hospital, on a variety of topics such as: nursing, nutrition, bottle feeding, bathing and caring for the baby.

A bridge connecting the hospital’s maternity ward to the hotel allows the new mother easy, quick access to the hotel (a minute’s walk) immediately after recovering from the birth.

Please note that the transfer to the hotel is conditioned upon obtaining the necessary approvals from the gynecologist and neonatal doctor. A baby who needs special care or medical supervision after the birth will be left under the supervision of the ward’s staff and we will gladly host the mother and her spouse.
Transfer to the hotel is possible after a minimum of 12 hours following a regular birth or a minimum of 24 hours following a Caesarian section.

When, how and which room to reserve?
Spacious studio room
1,995 NIS *
Mini-suite rooms
Luxurious private room
1,895 NIS *
Private pampering room
1,795 NIS *

An advanced reservation, minimum 60 days before the estimated date of birth, and Payment of registration fee of 250 NIS and will ensure you and your baby a room during the period of hospitalization (from 12-48 hours regular delivery and caesarean section 24-72 hours).
Payment of registration fees will be refunded in case medical reason (mother only). The registration fee is not included in the room rate. Your credit card will be charged regardless of the estimated delivery date.

Reservations for the estimated date of birth less than 60 days in advance will be on a "stand-by" basis.
Reservation must be secured with an advance payment of 300 NIS which will be deducted from the final bill while checking out of the hotel.
The advance payment will be repaid in the event of cancellation due to medical reason of the mother and / or in case of lack of room availability during the period of hospitalization.

Unfortunately, we cannot commit to the room type at the time the reservation is made, as the date of your arrival at the hospital is estimated. The rooms are available from - 14:00.
Check out time: until 12:00

You must notify the hotel (Telephone: 03-7770000) of your arrival to the delivery room, and again after giving birth, in order to update us regarding the type and time of birth. In addition, you must acquire all necessary medical approvals by 11:00 AM on the day of the transfer to the hotel.
Accommodation of accompanying spouse is with additional charge

The reservation is for a minimum of two nights. Extending your stay after this period is based on availability.

The staff of Baby Lis is at your service to answer any question and we wish you an easy delivery and a quick recovery.

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Weizmann Center, 14 Weizmann Street, Tel Aviv.
Telephone: ++ 972 3 7770000 

  Prices include VAT.

The hotel reserves the right to stop accepting reservations according to hotel occupancy without prior notice.

The rooms on the 4th floor are equipped with a luxurious bath and include an espresso machine and a king-koil bed (non-adjustable).

* The listed price does not include registration fees .