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When, how and which room to reserve?
Spacious studio room
2,395 NIS *
Luxurious private room
2,195 NIS *
Private pampering room
1,995 NIS *

Prices are per night, for expectant mothers only.
Extra charge for spouse/partner, bed and breakfast only: 150 NIS/night.
Extra charge for spouse/partner, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner): 250 NIS/night.

Baby Lis Hotel – Room reservation procedure

Reservations at the Baby Lis Hotel can be made using the hotel's website, by sending a request via e-mail to
or through the hotel's phone reservations department 03-7770000.

In order to guarantee you and your baby a hotel room during the duration of your hospital stay *,
a reservation should be made at least 45 days prior to the estimated due date.
Reservations made under 45 days prior to the estimated due date will be accepted according to the occupancy rate of the hotel.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the type of room when the reservation is made because the date of your arrival at the hotel is merely an estimate.

Check in begins at 14:00 pm and check out must be performed until 12:00 pm;
this is the case for all days of the week, including weekends and holidays.

You must inform the hotel of your arrival at the delivery room and once more once the baby is born in order to update the type of delivery and time of birth.
The transfer to the hotel requires receiving medical clearance before 11:00 am on the day of transfer to the hotel.

  • The credit card entered into the system or provided via telephone for booking the reservation will be charged for the first night according to the price of the preferred room type and number of guests.
    The credit card will be charged regardless of the expected due date and the charge will be reimbursed in full if your transfer to the hotel is not possible due to not receiving medical clearance for ** you and/or the newborn baby.
  • The reminder of the payment will be charged on the day you checkout of the hotel.
  • The reservation requires a minimum of two nights.
  • The price per night for the new mother includes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, tutorials including breastfeeding and a variety of pampering gifts.
  • Payment is accepted using cash or credit cards only.
  • Added charge for a child ages 4-12 – 150 NIS per night
All the prices which appear on the website include VAT.

Cancellation policy:
1. Should the cancellation occur within 14 days following the day of the transaction, but no less than 7 days before the expected due date – the reservation will be cancelled and charged a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction or 100 NIS, the lower of the two.
2. Requesting the cancellation of a reservation must be made in writing to the e-mail address or by fax sent to 03-7770022.

* Duration of hospitalization: starting from 5-48 hours in the case of a regular or assisted delivery (forceps or a vacuum), and 20-72 hours for a cesarean delivery.
** A medical reason relating to the mother/newborn will be presenting a medical document/letter signed by a gynecologist/ neonatal doctor from the Lis hospital specifically stating the mother is not medically fit to be transferred to the Baby Lis maternity Hotel.

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